Wedding Gowns



Today’s wedding gowns are made from a wide variety of fabrics and are detailed with elegant trims. Wedding gowns require special care after the big day to help preserve the beauty and essence. Spiffy’s Cleaners has had the privilege of caring for numerous and diverse wedding gowns. If you want to consult with us to take care of your gown after the big day, we’d be happy to help preserve that special moment.

Wearing a Heirloom

An heirloom gown can make your special day even more memorable. Please allow to weeks for our professional care. Typically, older gowns often need more attention than newer gowns. Before you decide to wear a cherished heirloom, allow us to asses it and discuss the pros and cons with you.

Post Wedding

Whether having worn a new gown or an heirloom, most brides want to preserve their gown. We advise that you have it cleaned and repaired as soon as possible after your day before you store it. It's important to get all of the stains (seen and unseen) out before preservation, as it is often difficult or impossible to remove later. Food and beverage stains, body oils, and make-up, if not carefully addressed right away, may spoil the results of preservation.

Cleaning Instructions

Your gown should have accurate care instructions addressing all parts of the dress, including the decorative trim, beading and/ or sequins. We will do our best to adhere to those instructions, and will generally test the garment before we preserve it. We want to make sure it will tolerate the prescribed treatment and cleaning instructions.


If you've chosen storage in one of our specially constructed gown boxes, your dress will have already been carefully stuffed with white, acid-free tissue paper to prevent yellow coloring. Headpieces, veils, shoes, programs, glasses, foam shoulder pads, and bra cups should be removed and stored individually and separately from the gown. Store the gown in a cool, dry location. Basements and attics aren't suggested because of dampness that can promote yellow coloring to the gown.